How to check bad breath with 3 technics

“Bad breath” or “Halitosis”  may be called social disease as disgusting as body smell. If it’s happened,
you will lost confident to talk with anyone in situation of work or personal matters such as talking business, going to party. So we you should make sure that you aren’t confront bad breath problem which will be deterrent to your success. Let’s see ! How to check bad breath.

There are 3 technics to help you easily check whether
you have bad breath or not.

1. Inhale your own bad breath

The easy step is to take a deep breath and cover your nose and mouth with your hands. After that, breathe out through the mouth. Then inhale through the nose instead. This method will certainly help us how the smell of breath is.

2. Lick and Smell

This method is also easy too. Just take our tongue lick the area on the back of the hand or wrist.
When the saliva is dry, try to smell the area where we lick. If we have bad breath, we can smell that.

3. Let’s someone close you smell your breath.

This method may look harder. But seems to be a good way and most obvious at this point. If you already have bad breath and you really ask them for sniff, they may tell you the truth whether you have bad breath without other tests.

How is it ? It is not difficult, right?  You will be able to check your bad breath by yourself. If you find that you have bad breath problem after checking. Don’t be shy. Try to solve the root cause and find the helper to help you reduce this problem instantly. Let’s see How to reduce bad breath with 2 simple efficient steps in next article.

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