How to stop bad breath with 2 simple efficient steps.

This article is focused on techniques to stop bad breath. After two last article we talked about
3 techniques for bad breath checking and 5 Important causes of bad breath or halitosis.

It’s the fundamental information for everyone. These 2 techniques are not difficult to follow. Let’s see.

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1. Easily stop bad breath start with dental floss.

90% of people with bad breath are caused by health care and the cleanliness in the mouth is not good enough. Most people often think that brushing teeth or using mouthwash is enough.

But actually, in the niche of our teeth there are still food particles stuck especially niche teeth in the inner part of the mouth or in our molars. Sometimes brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash was unable to remove food scraps in those areas completely. So we would like to recommend “dental floss” that can  clean the teeth effectively.


2.  Use toothpaste containing Sorbitol.

Sorbitol is a sweetener with lower energy than sugar. Suitable for use with diabetes patients. The key feature when included in the toothpaste is not only resistant to the digestion of bacteria in the mouth resulting in much less tooth decay than sugar but also has moisture-enhancing properties, making the product stable. Reducing sludge formation as well as having a cool flavor.

When we use toothpaste containing Sorbitol both in the morning and before bed every night while waking up in the morning, we found that the smell of saliva spoiled in the morning is noticeably reduced. Including your mouth will get freshness and relieving anxiety about bad breath effectively during the day.


For someone who are looking for a toothpaste containing Sorbitol, Sorbitol is found in premium quality toothpaste. Each brand has different emphasis on qualities. Mind Norra toothpaste is one of the premium toothpaste brand that focuses on reducing bad breath and helps to whiten teeth especially.
Mind Norra toothpaste contains sorbitol. When used continuously, the problem of halitosis is reduced.
Give your breath freshness throughout the day and night.

Is it very easy to reduce bad breath, right? If we know the cause of the problem and find smart helpers for solving the problem quickly and correctly. Bad breath or halitosis problems will not be a big issue anymore.

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