Children bad breath problem…How should you handle ?

Children bad breath  problem. Some parents do not think that their children will have bad breath problems.
If there isn’t any protection, it may cause your children to have bad breath without knowing it.
Today, Mind Norra has collected the tips and methods to prevent children bad breath as below.

1. Don’t let your child’s mouth dry.

Normally, the symptoms of dry mouth are the same for both children and adults who do not drink water or talk for a long time. When we have less saliva, bacteria will be increased. Drinking water can reduce the formation of bacteria and increase more oxygen in our oral. Beside that drinking water can clean the stain and reduce phlegm, throughout clean part of food scraps which imbedded between the teeth or under the gum line.

2. Let’s your children clean their mouth after each meal.

It is a discipline practice for children to love cleanliness and to cultivate oral health care since they still young. When children clean their teeth, the parent should tell them to always brush the top of the tongue. Because the tongue can collect many bacteria causing bad breath problem. Beside that the parent should choose the right oral care products for them too.

3. Let’s children avoid the food that causes odor.

The parent should observe your children’s behavior, if they don’t like  brushing or inconvenience to brush teeth by themselves. You should suggest them to avoid the strong smell foods such as garlic, onion, spices and cheese. Because if their oral cleanliness is not good, there will be a chance of bad breath occur. However If it’s necessary to put the strong smell ingredients in the favorite menu. Try to eat some sour fruits follow because they can reduce smell.

Importantly : you should prepare fruit for your children at least 1/3 of each meal.

4. Use toothpaste that has the bad breath solving properties
and suitable for your children.

We should use toothpaste that help reduce bad breath problem. It should not harmful to children, such as Mind Norra toothpaste is a toothpaste that helps reduce bad breath. Its flavor is not astringent.
The children can use together with parent. To get strong teeth, fresh breath and confidence everyday.

   7 Benefits of Mind Norra Toothpaste.

  1. Reduce bad breath especially for morning breath. Effective results after using at first times.
  2. To eliminate stains without destroying teeth’s natural protection.
  3. Prevent tooth decay.
  4. Freshen breath. Reduce bad saliva throughout the day.
  5. Reduce sensitive teeth.
  6. Nourish the gums.
  7. Reduce inflammation in the mouth such as ulcers, etc.

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