The oral care problem of worker.

We’ve already share “When your children has bad breath problem. How should you handle?” in last article. This article we will talk about “The oral care problem of worker.”

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Nowadays, This world is full of modern technology and more competition. There are many ways to cause problems as well while discussing serious topics, having to sit with the computer screen for a long time. Sometimes doesn’t talk to anyone for many hours causing a chance to have bad breath occur. Beside that working people tend to have little by little eating habits, like to eat candy which has high sugar which makes the risk of tooth decay. These are some of the reasons why the worker often have the oral care problem.

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Some people drink tea or coffee everyday, causing the stain of tea and coffee on teeth. Many people neglect to brush their teeth after eating. It will cause gingivitis. These behavior of working people as mentioned can be the cause of bad breath and oral care problem.

Today we would like to share  “The oral care problem of worker.”
Because worker have to talk with a lot of people. Everyone doesn’t want to smile with yellow teeth and talk to anyone with unconfident breath.

1. Oral Care Problem of Workers : Bad breath problems

Many people who have bad breath can be caused by many reasons. It may come from the area of ​​the mouth only or from organs in the respiratory or digestive tract. For bad breath caused by the area in the mouth, It might have the presence of food scraps in the teeth, cavities, wisdom teeth or gingivitis.
Resulting in a foul-smelling saliva coming out while speaking or breathing. If it is a matter of cavities, wisdom teeth then should go to see the dentist to immediately fix such as filling teeth, pulling wisdom teeth etc. However if your bad breath is caused by food scraps in the niche of the teeth. We recommends that you should use dental floss regularly everyday and after every meal. So that food particles are not stuck in the teeth for a long time until bad breath occurs. Beside that prevented by brushing teeth with a sharp-tipped toothbrush and choose a toothpaste that has the ability to actually prevent bad breath such as Mind Norra toothpaste. The bad breath problem will be reduced.

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2. Yellow teeth from cigarette, tea, coffee stains.

Can be prevented by reduce smoking and drinking the amount of acidic beverages in everyday life, such as tea, coffee, liquor, beer, sour fruit juice etc. If you cannot avoid or reduce. You should drink plain water to reduce acidity in the mouth and wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth every time. See a dentist to scaling at least every 6 months or once a year to remove deep stains or persistent plaque

3. Tooth decay

It may be caused from neglecting to brush your teeth or not thoroughly cleaning appropriately. Using dental floss can help you clean along the groove and between the teeth easily. You should resolve by brushing and flossing after eating every meal. Avoid food that contain high amounts of starch and sugar, fruit or snack that are too sweet, sour and sticky because it can quickly become acidic and corrode the enamel which causing cavities easily.
Tips & Trick : you should not brush your teeth immediately while the mouth is still have highly acidic because it will scrub the enamel which is softened from food acids. You should wait at least 30 minutes for the oral condition to return to normal as mentioned above.

4. Oral Care Problem of Workers : Plaque and gingivitis.

They are caused by insufficient oral health care resulting in the formation of plaque along the edges of the gums and between the teeth. When the teeth are not brushed thoroughly, the formation of plaque will increase and be accumulated for a long time to become tartar which harder than plaque. Plaque and tartar, there are bacteria living. When bacteria receive food from the food we eat, it creates acid around that area, causing inflammation of the gums and periodontal tissue which you need to pay for treatment in expensive cost by scaling, chamfering, rooting or reconstructing.

       Therefore, we should take care of dental health and see dentist every 6 months to check up and solve the problem early for extending teeth&gum to be healthy for a long time.
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