Keep white teeth easily. Just know how to consume your favorite drink!

Stop ! Harming the white teeth surface with your favorite drink. Many people are still unaware that some favorite drink which we drink on a daily basis is a silent danger and unknowingly harming our teeth. Keep white teeth easily. Just know how to consume your favorite drink !

Firstly before deeply in details how to keep white teeth. let’s know what the tooth enamel is and how important it is to our mouth.

The enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth. It is the strongest part of the teeth which contains calcium and phosphate. If we get old or not taking good care of oral health, there will be a chance to make the enamel wear out which causes yellow stains on the tooth surface, tooth decay and sensitive tooth.

Right now, Everyone wants to know how to take care of our “tooth enamel” for a long time without having to spend a lot of money for expensive treatments. Today we will present simple methods that can be done every day. Just choose the drink that safe to your enamel, these can protect the enamel from erosion or decay easily.

Favorite drink often harm to teeth !

Many people like to drink beverages that are high in acidity on a regular basis, such as soft drinks, tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, sugar free drinks and although some people like sour fruit juices such as lemonade, lemon tea, etc. In fact that these beverages are either highly acidic or have a pH of around 2-5. (PH is the acid-base value, the term pH stands for Positive potential of the Hydrogenions)

When we drink everyday. There is a high chance that these beverages will destroy our tooth enamel indefinitely. What kind of safe beverage which doesn’t destroy the enamel ? Usually a safe drink will has
the pH around 7 which is pure water.

Oh! If we drink pure water every day. It’s very boring.  Then we will recommend as follow ;

3 ways to prevent if you are unable to faraway from acidity beverages.

  • Suitable of quantity
    On average, drinking beverages with high acidity should not drink more than
    2 times a day. From now on, try to reduce the consumption of acidic beverages. Drink when absolutely necessary. If you need to drink coffee every day to stimulate and rejuvenate when working,  try to reduce the amount of other beverages that are high in acid instead, such as reducing alcohol or soft drinks on that day to balance and undamage the enamel too much
  • Often drink pure water and use water to wash your mouth
    Everytime after drinking acidic beverage. To wash off the acidity to a minimum or dilute as much as possible.
  • Using straws instead of drinking from the mouth of container
    to avoid acidic beverages touching your enamel directly.

Ultimately, if you are unable to reduce drinking acidic beverages. To keep the teeth bright and white and to protect the healthy enamel , you should try to find a helper to clean your teeth and keep your teeth whiten without harmful to the enamel such as toothpaste that protects your enamel and removes yellow stains easily.

Importantly, you should go to see a doctor for oral check up at least every 6 months or once a year so you can be confident and able to solve problems immediately without pay expensive treatment in the future.

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